Sunday, April 6, 2014

What am I going to talk about? Post #21

      As my blog followers know, I have stopped the production on my comic book  until the speech has been completed and spoken.  I do plan on continuing writing and creating my comic books after I present my speech, but I think there is far too much to talk about and share with my followers and I really want to get all of that down before I move on with my project.  Before, I wanted to primarily focus on how the student should be the imaginative one and how it is their job to break through what society has to say but then I realized that it is not all up to the child, but even maybe more so the adult. It is difficult for a young one to stand up to the larger society. That's what I want to focus on now, to challenge the adults to enhance and embrace this kind of thinking instead of putting it down, so for the next three weeks I am going to focus more on that part of the speech.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

What I liked Post #21

   For the past 2 weeks I have been working on primarily my speech. Because of this, I am putting off actually completing my comic to fine tune my speech. I am narrowing down my options for the themes of what I am speaking about. I want to talk about following what makes you happy. The only problem with that is that topic is unoriginal and I want my speech to be different and really touch the people listening to it. So I do want to talk about that, but also incorporate another message in it to display why 20 time has been helpful in making me happy. The theme I am considering to go along with "do what makes you happy" is along the lines of try new things. I would have never even touched a drawing pad in a million years if it hadn't been for 20 time. The reason I picked drawing is because I love comic books. Everything about them. So I took a risk and following making one. I never enjoyed it but it was an amazing experience trying to make one. So that is what I want to focus on!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Setting up for further work: Post #20

        This week wasn't too exciting because I am mainly setting up for later works for my comic book.  The website I am using to write my comic book only has a select number of villains and heros that I can pick from.  This means that I have to make my own characters on the website before implimenting them into my book.  So for the next two weeks I will be trying to build all of my characters in the website before putting them into my book.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

The meaning of 20 Time Post #19

      The time in the last five months, in regard of 20 Time have been incredibly good.  The reasons for this being is what I have learned.  I think the best part of 20 Time has been the learning experiences I get from doing it.  The joy of getting the opportuninty to learn how to do different things like creating my own character and plot is spectacular.  Not just happiness from being able to learn about making an original comic, but also that of teaching myself the responsibilities.  However, that is also what is my least favorite part.  I love working on my comic book, however I don't think that 20 Time is for everybody.  A lot of people don't know what they really want to do, even if they got every Friday for a year to work on it.  I know, for me personally, coming up with my 20 Time idea was a struggle and it took me a couple weeks to figure out what I was going to commit to and another few months to come up with my plot, characers, etc.
      Even though I am extremely happy to where I am at today, I would have definitely changed a few things to get here.  Probably the biggest thing I would've changed would have been spending so much time on developing my plot.  I wish I would've spent more time on drawing my characters, backgrounds, and common day objects.  I also wish I had gotten my comic book making kit because even though it is a little bit of a shortcut, I am much more happy knowing I'll be able to make my own book with just the assistance of a computer.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

The meaning of the project Post #18

     This week I opened my gift which was to create my comic book online, or write it up and send it in to the company.  I decided that I would do the online route because even though I had spent so much time on my cover and my drawings and my characters, I know my comic would be better with my mind inputed into a computer.  I really liked what I saw on the online app because I am able to keep the designs I have for my book already and this will open me up to even more ideas and creations.  It might even help deliver the plot to my reader.  I started to create my cover and it looks very realistic because of the app.  I look forward to creating my characters and story in my book.
       I did do some thinking before I went online about whether or not I should do it because it might seem like I am cheating part of it, the drawing portion.  It also puts some of the work I have done for my comic so far to waste.  However, then I realized it wasn't to waste.  The last few months were never about successfully creating a comic book, or learning how to draw, but find a way to make myself happy.  Also realized that doing it online would make me more happy and excited to do my project because I love doing things on the computer, it's not a shortcut because it's making me happier to finish this.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Writing my speech

This week I wanted to just work on my speech because I feel like I am a little behind on that. I want to get the point across that time management is key to happiness for a few reasons. Without this project, this assignment almost, I would not have been able to be so happy with myself. This project is like my excuse to do something that I really enjoy. I love comic books and I love the movies and the characters and the background of everything and to be able to almost live that and create something that great artists and comic book writers are able to do.  There was no movie without the original comic, that's why I love doing this, it's the original. I've always been bad at drawing, or at least I've been told, even by myself that I am. My very first drawing in my notebook was a house. It was absolutely awful! But then I tried again, except something more complicated. Like the Taj Mahal,  possibly the most difficult drawing architecturally but I thought it turned out awesome. The best part about all of this is that know I could do something that I was always told I really couldn't do, made it that much better.

As I continue with my blog posts I'll keep adding parts to my speech and updates on how my comic is coming.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Drawing the Cover Post #16

        This week  I have begun working on the cover of my comic book.  As I was doing this, I was given a Comic book kit.  It basically comes with the paper and utencils and paper that will help me conduct my comic book.  I have two optiotions: I can draw everything out and then send in my completed project so that the company will publish my book.  The other is to computer animate my book and it will automatically be published.  I think I want to draw my book and send it in because it would be an awesome accomplishment to be able to do everything myselft.
         I've been learning a lot by how difficult it will be to complete my book because of how mych time it took just to start the cover.  I am glad I am doing this because I could never really draw so it is cool that I am finally taking the time to do what I want.  I think it's going to be interesting moving on because there is so much left to do and learn.