Monday, June 9, 2014

Reflection Questions Post #26

1) I really loved 20 Time because of the freedom aspect.  I think it taught me a lot of valuble lessons that I ohterwise would not have learned.  Having the freedom of doing whatever I want and for me to set my own accomplishments really helped me become a more responsible person by the end of 20 Time.

2) I know 20 Time is based on the idea of do whatever you love, but some projects that people ended up seem really hard to do a full year project with so I would say possibly give more time for people to decide and plan out what they are doing so they have an idea that will take them all year.

3) I think the format of how the blog posts were due every Monday and then by second semester, they went to every other week.  What was good about that was in the biginning, the constant blog posts got me motivated to do things for my project and then when second semester came around, I was doing less things, but the things I were doing took more time so that fluctuating time was good for me.

4) I think this is something that should not be done in one class in a school year.  I think it should be encouraged by teachers and staff, but this is something that kids have to discover on their own because if they do this on their own, they will feel more proud of themselves.

5) Do not procrastinate!  Even though you have all year, time management is a key issue and cannot be taken lightly.  Do not wait until the day of to do a blog post.  It will come back to haunt you.

6)  Being an alternate was pretty cool because I was able to see all the speakers but I was also able to show others from the different classes the ideas I had to share so overall the experience is really amazing.  However, it is nerve-wrecking, but with practice those nerves go away.  So overall, I think it's a great experience for high-schoolers to have and it should be done again.

Monday, May 26, 2014

20 Time completed post #24

     Yes, I have completed my 20 Time project. Even though I have failed it and I expect to continue drawing my comic book in the future, I have finished my project and speech in the class. I'm really happy on what I got out of my 20 Time project and I'm extremely happy that I was able to share that through my speech because I got to incorporate things that I did in my speech and compare that to my main topic. I wanted people to know that the key to more creative mind is to have sources of inspiration whether that is celebrities, those close to you, or those who doubt you.  Even though I'm happy I got my two cents in, I'm not that excited that it has ended, which is why I hope to continue to hopefully inspire those around me because I know what inspiration has done for me and my mind.
      I would like to talk more about my speech and what I have planned in the coming months for my comic book, and I will save that for my next post!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Getting Pumped to Speak Post #23

      As the deadline approaches for my speech, the more excited I am to give it.  That is my way of saying that my speech is coming along very well.  I know exactly what I would like to talk about and that is the importance of encouraging kids at a yound age that they can do anything.  The reason why I am getting more and more excited because I can finally clearly see the importance speeches like that.  It's to give inspiration, advice, and heart to the listeners and that is exactly what I am trying to achieve, while also following the guidlines and requirements of my talk.

       Even though I have not worked on my comic in the past couple weeks, I do feel like I have accomplished a lot since.  In the midst of the project I never really thought I was doing much, that I was just doing something that I enjoyed; that is what is so good about looking back on these experiences.  That's the feeling, I think, should be great because 20 time has proved not to be just another class project, it is actually something to better the mind and brain.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Researching talks post #22

The past two weeks have been very stressful trying to come up with the slides I want and thr topic I want to talk about. Luckily this week I was able to take a trip down to Florida, relax, and focus on my talks.  Since I had all this time, I decided to look at some speeches to help me out with my idea, but I realized a lot of them did not relate to my project, so I looked at some talks regarding comic books. Even though there were not many that I found, the ones I looked at really helped me focus on the content I want to focus, and also what is important about it.

I'm actually really excited now because I have what I am going to talk about pretty much set. I don't have my slides ready but I know exactly which one's I'm using so within the next couple of days I will be retrieving those images for the slides. I only plan on having 6 but I think that is more than enough to fill my speech.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

What am I going to talk about? Post #21

      As my blog followers know, I have stopped the production on my comic book  until the speech has been completed and spoken.  I do plan on continuing writing and creating my comic books after I present my speech, but I think there is far too much to talk about and share with my followers and I really want to get all of that down before I move on with my project.  Before, I wanted to primarily focus on how the student should be the imaginative one and how it is their job to break through what society has to say but then I realized that it is not all up to the child, but even maybe more so the adult. It is difficult for a young one to stand up to the larger society. That's what I want to focus on now, to challenge the adults to enhance and embrace this kind of thinking instead of putting it down, so for the next three weeks I am going to focus more on that part of the speech.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

What I liked Post #21

   For the past 2 weeks I have been working on primarily my speech. Because of this, I am putting off actually completing my comic to fine tune my speech. I am narrowing down my options for the themes of what I am speaking about. I want to talk about following what makes you happy. The only problem with that is that topic is unoriginal and I want my speech to be different and really touch the people listening to it. So I do want to talk about that, but also incorporate another message in it to display why 20 time has been helpful in making me happy. The theme I am considering to go along with "do what makes you happy" is along the lines of try new things. I would have never even touched a drawing pad in a million years if it hadn't been for 20 time. The reason I picked drawing is because I love comic books. Everything about them. So I took a risk and following making one. I never enjoyed it but it was an amazing experience trying to make one. So that is what I want to focus on!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Setting up for further work: Post #20

        This week wasn't too exciting because I am mainly setting up for later works for my comic book.  The website I am using to write my comic book only has a select number of villains and heros that I can pick from.  This means that I have to make my own characters on the website before implimenting them into my book.  So for the next two weeks I will be trying to build all of my characters in the website before putting them into my book.