Saturday, February 22, 2014

The meaning of the project Post #18

     This week I opened my gift which was to create my comic book online, or write it up and send it in to the company.  I decided that I would do the online route because even though I had spent so much time on my cover and my drawings and my characters, I know my comic would be better with my mind inputed into a computer.  I really liked what I saw on the online app because I am able to keep the designs I have for my book already and this will open me up to even more ideas and creations.  It might even help deliver the plot to my reader.  I started to create my cover and it looks very realistic because of the app.  I look forward to creating my characters and story in my book.
       I did do some thinking before I went online about whether or not I should do it because it might seem like I am cheating part of it, the drawing portion.  It also puts some of the work I have done for my comic so far to waste.  However, then I realized it wasn't to waste.  The last few months were never about successfully creating a comic book, or learning how to draw, but find a way to make myself happy.  Also realized that doing it online would make me more happy and excited to do my project because I love doing things on the computer, it's not a shortcut because it's making me happier to finish this.

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  1. Garrett -

    I really enjoyed reading this post. Thank you for being so open and honest about the tough decision you had to make, it sounds like it was not an easy one. I admire your decision to do your comic book online and I agree that it doesn't take away from what you've been working on with drawing the past few months, especially if you found joy in that. I'm always wondering about the balance between technology and not using technology. It's a tough battle. I think though, that in this world we live in, it's almost always better to steer the route of technology, because that's how you stay "in the loop." I'd be curious to know - do you have any idea how famous comic book writers of this day make their comics? Do they hand write them and send them in to be published, or are they done on the computer?

    Great job! - Lisa