Sunday, March 23, 2014

What I liked Post #21

   For the past 2 weeks I have been working on primarily my speech. Because of this, I am putting off actually completing my comic to fine tune my speech. I am narrowing down my options for the themes of what I am speaking about. I want to talk about following what makes you happy. The only problem with that is that topic is unoriginal and I want my speech to be different and really touch the people listening to it. So I do want to talk about that, but also incorporate another message in it to display why 20 time has been helpful in making me happy. The theme I am considering to go along with "do what makes you happy" is along the lines of try new things. I would have never even touched a drawing pad in a million years if it hadn't been for 20 time. The reason I picked drawing is because I love comic books. Everything about them. So I took a risk and following making one. I never enjoyed it but it was an amazing experience trying to make one. So that is what I want to focus on!

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  1. Garrett - I think it's great that you want to make your speech so unique. I think that if you really speak from the heart though, and believe in your message, you will touch people. I'd love to read your speech. Do you have plans to finish the comic book? When is the project finished?